Book Index

Reminiscences of an Army Family in India before the end of the British Raj in 1947

Details of Life for a service family in British Imperial India

Childhood accidents and mishaps in India. Mah Portuguese French India.

Lost cousin found in India after 60 years

“Spud” Murphy a retired Connaught Rangers man

Lawrence College, Mt Abu in the 1930s

Ghora Gully, Kite Fighting, Lost Violins and Tonsil Removal in the 1930s

Quetta Baluchistan. Early Kisses. Indian troops pranks on kids.

Going Home on Leave 1938. Voyage to Liverpool on TSS California

Wentworth Place, Wicklow 1938. Protestant Abuse.

Stories from County Wicklow 1930s and a visit Clearys, the big department store in Dublin

Wedding Story from the 1930s in Sheerness. Silly bed time stories.

1st Hand Account of the Declaration of War 1939 Effect on Family. Rush back to India. Lost Luscar.

P&O Strathnaver back to India via Suez Port Said and Aden

St. Patrick’s High School, Karachi. Dogs as Pets in India in the 1940s
Dogs in India. Model Aircraft. Posting back to Quetta

The run-up to Indian Independence 1941-1947. Back at Mt Abu

Study at St. Marys High School – 1941- 1946

Dentistry in the 1940s. School Pranks. School Discipline. The Meanings of Words Book.

What it felt like to have Malaria in India in the 40s. British Quit India Movement by an Imperialist

Dances, Shooting. Reading and Learning Hindi. Singing Beggars.

Dale and his Cave. Mount Abu St Marys School Folklore.

Keeping pets (some strange) in India in the 1940s

Young Love. Number 4. American Yank Troops and Local Girls in India. Parents Wedding.

The Past Catching up with the Irish Christian Brothers.

Normal life in India during the war. Damage to Jeep skillfully covered up.

Dying days of empire. Impossibility to retire to India. Rich richer Poor Poorer. Exodus of British.